Information Page - Hartley Walter Spinks
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Hartley Walter Spinks was originally named Walter Hartley Spinks.  But all of his childhood he went by the name of Hartley, so when upon graduation he was allowed to specify his name for his diploma, he turned it around.  From there, it became established on all legal documents as Hartley Walter.

When I first sat down to write his obituary, I was at a loss to find words.  As I write these notes, at the age of 46, I realize that Daddy was unique in a lot of ways.  Most people develop a few interests, pursue a few hobbies, and work at only one career.  Daddy, however, had a wide ranging interest in life, and pursued so many things it is difficult to enumerate them all.  So many times I was tempted to describe him as a Jack-of-all-trades, but the rest of the saying, "master of none" simply does not apply.  Daddy mastered everything he was interested in.  The only thing that ever seem to stump him was small engines (lawnmowers, chainsaws, etc.).  And I suspect he just never really wanted to learn about them.

He attended college classes at the age of 75, learning new things.  He pursued interests as far ranging as photography, oil painting, growing daylilies and african violets, swimming, flying, gardening, cooking, piano, vibroharp, guitar, construction, catering, bookkeeping, cattle raising, butter making, pig butchering, hispanic culture, travel, computers, history, and religion.